Retirement communities house populations that are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. In addition to the obvious age-related risk factors, residents often have a higher instance of comorbidities, like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and COPD . These can lead to more severe symptoms and increased chance of morbidity. When it comes to protecting these populations amid the Pandemic, virtual symptom screening tools can provide an important layer of safety and accountability for these communities.

There are numerous types of retirement accommodations, ranging from independent living communities to skilled nursing facilities for individuals requiring frequent medical attention. Regardless of setting, there is a subset of essential staff required to operate these facilities. This is one potential avenue for infection spread. Another is visitors, including friends and family. It might appear easy to restrict guests, but in many cases, visitors can also be essential caregivers, helping with important activities like medication adherence or exercise.

Screening staff and visitors prior to entering a retirement facility is a simple and effective precaution that can be added to your COVID-19 safety protocols. Enli has developed a mobile symptom assessment for staff and visitors. It improves resident safety by flagging suspected cases before someone enters the facility. It also provides reassurance to the community and accountability for the operator. The CDC also recommends daily health checks for residents. Enli can support this with its virtual screening technology, which can be sent to resident’s mobile phone. The assessment, which is informed by CDC guidance, can also be administered telephonically or in-person by a staff member.

For facilities with healthcare professionals on staff, a higher standard of COVID-19 exposure tracking is recommended by the CDC. This includes enhanced monitoring based on the individual’s risk exposure category. Enli’s COVID-19 Healthcare Personnel Exposure Tracking solution extends this functionality for retirement facilities that have on-site skilled nursing or other clinical operations. In addition, retirement communities connected to a health system, or with on-premise medical offices, can leverages Enli’s COVID-19 Patient Monitoring tool, which helps the care team manage suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases according to CDC guidance while the patient self-isolates.


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