COVID-19 Health Pass

How It Works

Enli’s Health Pass enables employers to conduct virtual screenings for COVID-19 symptoms, and monitor workforce health and availability across the enterprise.

Using a customizable mobile web app, employees assess their health status before arriving at the workplace. Responses are automatically logged in the Enli Central Worklist healthcare CRM and evaluated. Instructions are auto-generated: healthy employees are cleared for work, and symptomatic employees are instructed to stay home and contact a specified resource.

The Health Pass program classifies employee health risk, provides decision support based on CDC guidelines, and generates the task list for Human Resources and/or Occupational Health professionals. Staff can be tracked from symptom indication through testing and illness resolution.

COVID-19 Health Pass Product Sheet

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Prevent and manage COVID-19 within the workplace.

Import employee roster

Upload and refresh employee roster files as often as necessary and automate the mapping between workforce management systems and Health Pass. This reduces the possibility of COVID-19 infections by ensuring that all permanent, part-time, and temporary staff are included in communications and assessments.

Customize assessments and data capture

Configure Health Pass to capture data, tasks, and reports required by industry, state or federal agencies. This reduces health risk and legal exposure by meeting specific enforced standards and requirements.

Comply with CDC guidelines

Assessments and monitoring tools are continuously updated according to the latest CDC guidelines.  This reassures staff and supervisors that the organization is adopting the most credible standards for COVID-19 management among the workforce.


Simplify the process of clearing employees for work.

Automate employee virtual self-assessments

Enli’s Mobile Care Plan enables staff to administer daily self-assessments virtually or on-site using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This saves staff time by automating the assessment process and eliminating the need for phone calls or in-person surveys.

Monitor workforce availability

See the status of the entire workforce in a single view, and sort by geography, facility, or supervisor to identify staff shortages. This reduces unplanned absences by enabling employers to proactively manage staffing and coverage for worksites and shifts.


Ensure symptomatic employees are evaluated and monitored.

Triage and evaluate symptomatic employees

Track the status of staff that are restricted from work with administrator workflows that monitor screenings, physician evaluation, and available test results. This slows and prevents infection spread by ensuring suspected cases are immediately surfaced and managed.

Add-on Patient Monitoring capabilities to actively manage suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

For organizations with a clinical team on-staff or under contact, Enli’s CDC-compliant COVID-19 Patient Monitoring program offers a clinically appropriate workflow to record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus. This allows care teams to monitor suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases, with task and decision support to check-in with patients while they self-isolate at home.

Add-on Healthcare Personnel Exposure Tracking capabilities to ensure clinical staff at increased risk are evaluated according the CDC guidelines

For healthcare organizations subject to additional CDC requirements, Enli’s HCP Exposure Tracking program enables HR and Occupational Health professionals to monitor the contact exposure of healthcare personnel that are at work or self-isolating at home. It classifies risk, provides decision support, and guides routine task and decision based on CDC guidelines. Staff can be tracked from exposure through end-of-monitoring and return to work. This enables active monitoring of front-line healthcare workers with greater infection risk, and rapid assessment to determine health status and ability to work.


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COVID-19 Health Pass

Conduct mobile screenings for COVID-19 symptoms before patients, staff, or students enter a facility.

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Record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus.

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Monitor the contact exposure of healthcare personnel that are at work or self-isolating at home

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