COVID-19 HCP Exposure Tracking

How It Works

Enli COVID-19 Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Exposure Tracking is a cloud-based coordination tool for employers to monitor the contact exposure of healthcare personnel that are at work or self-isolating at home. It classifies risk, provides decision support, and guides routine tasking based on CDC guidelines. Staff can be tracked from exposure through end-of-monitoring and return to work. 

HCP demographics may be imported into the system or entered manually. When an exposure is reported, integrated decision support identifies the risk category and recommends appropriate monitoring and work restrictions. 

Workflow tasking focuses the user’s attention on scheduled actions that need to be completed for each exposure case. The program supports all CDC exposure risk categories, adheres to the recommended guidelines, and enables end-to-end monitoring of exposed employees that are cleared to work or isolating at home. The ability record exposure source facilitates contact tracing by pinpointing employees that could be affected.    

Staff testing positive for COVID-19 can be monitored within the workflow until resolution of illness can be confirmed. Asymptomatic employees can be monitored though completion of the time-based CDC criteria. The status off all exposures can be tracked and reported on, providing insights to manage resources and anticipate when staff can return to work.   


Classify the exposure risk of healthcare personnel

Import Staff Roster

Onboard exposed staff or all employees via a Patient Load File or add them manually. The ability to add staff in a single action expedites the ability to begin tracking exposures.

Identify Potential Exposure

Record employee status, and simultaneously identify other staff potentially in contact with the exposed individual. Centralizing exposure status lets teams evaluate resources and determine the impact on operations.

Define Exposure Risk Category

Identify the risk category in accordance with CDC guidelines and initiate appropriate work restrictions and monitoring. Decision support to rapidly classify risk helps organizations identify HPCs that can remain at work, and those recommended to leave a clinical setting.


Oversee staff self-monitoring at work or isolating at home

Manage HCPs with High and Medium Exposure Risk

Track the status of staff that are restricted from work, including workflow tasking to support check-insrecord self-assessment, and document if symptoms present or a positive test is reported. Employers can view the status of personnel at home, and when they will likely be able to return to work, helping inform scheduling and clinic resources.

Supervise HCPs with Low Exposure Risk

Monitor staff that are still at work because of low exposure risk. Follow guidance for self-monitoring supported by check-ins. Providing delegated supervision of exposed employees helps protect patients and keeps healthy staff working.

Conduct Contact Tracing

Identify the exposure source for each HCP being tracked and update the program if the health status of the source changes. This helps to rapidly determine and update the risk category for staff connected to a common exposure sourcereducing transmission to other HCPs and patients.


Track exposure cases through resolution

Resolve COVID-19 Positive HCPs

Confirm that time or test-based CDC criteria is fulfilled, and illness resolution is recorded for HCPs that have tested positive for COVID-19. This ensures infected employees remain isolated or in active care until they no longer pose a risk to staff and patients.

Resolve asymptomatic HCPs

Document that time-based CDC criteria is fulfilled for asymptomatic HCPs that are at work or at home, promoting workforce safety while minimizing disruptions to schedules.

Clear Personnel to Work

Know when HCP tracking is completed, and the employee is ready to be releases back into the workforce. Tracking and identifying when it is safe for HCPs to return to work optimizes staff resources and promotes safety.


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