COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

Our Customers Created this Solution

Enli customers are on the frontlines of care, doing whatever possible to combat the COVID-19 virus. As the volume of patients increased, they quickly learned they needed a system to manage and monitor patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19. One customer began developing a workflow in the Enli Central Worklist application. They knew the tool could be rapidly configured to support their care teams, eliminating the excel and paper lists they had been using to that point. The provider organization reached out to Enli for assistance and we stepped in to assist.

Under the leadership of Enli Chief Medical Office, Dr. Joe Siemienczuk, Enli conducted surveillance for medical evidence and best practices for COVID-19 care coordination and care management. In fewer than two days, Dr. Siemienczuk’s team had documented the protocols for identification, management, monitoring, and discharge for patients. Enli’s implementation and support team configured the workflow in Central Worklist and began testing it in the field on March 16th, 2020. Four days later, eight healthcare organizations were live, trained, and using the program.

How It Works

Enli COVID-19 Patient Monitoring is a cloud-based care coordination tool for healthcare providers and payersWorkflow and task support enable teams to record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus.  

Suspected or confirmed cases can be imported from any data source or added manually. During import, the patient profile can be augmented with comorbidities and other risk factors defined by the CDC. Once processed, patients are sent to the COVID-19 program worklist for active management by the care team. 

Risk factors are automatically assessed so care coordinators can filter to prioritize outreach. Patients can be assigned to specific care team members that are most suited for job, supporting top-of-license work. The tool includes tasks that are based on CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines, including check-ins, self-isolation, and assessments for symptomatic and high-risk individuals. The care plan can be tailored for specific patients based on clinical and non-clinical factors that are accessible within the toolContact patients using an integrated texting service or patientmember portals. All data can be easily exported to other HIT systems for processing, reporting, and storage.        



Import and organize COVID-19 patients

Import Suspected Cases

Automatically import and record the status of patients with potential exposure due to contact or travel. Connect to any data source, including an existing EHR, payer data portal, spreadsheet, or manually add patients. The solution is interoperable, enabling bi-directional connectivity to disparate systems.

Enhance the Patient Profile

Facilitate the automatic or manual process to augment the patient profile with comorbidities and other risk factors defined by the CDC. This ensures relevant datapoints are recorded for risk stratification and prioritization.

Ensure Records are Up To Date

Automatically add newly imported patients to the care coordinator workflow or update existing patient profiles as new data is processed. This ensures that patient data is continuously updated and made actionable for the care team.


Risk-stratify and triage suspected and confirmed cases

Assess Patient Risk Factors

Automatically measure patient risk using codified, CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines, producing an evidence-based risk assessment to align patients with appropriate interventions.

Prioritize the Cohort

Apply filters to prioritize outreach based on severity of risk, focusing care team attention on the most high-risk patients first.

Assign Patients to Care Teams

Route patients based on risk factors to individuals suited for the task, or a shared worklist for the care team to begin working. Allocating workload based on licensure and availability helps maximize clinic resources.


Monitor and coordinate care as patients progress through the program

Facilitate Outreach and Care Delivery

Conduct check-ins and assess symptomatic and high-risk individuals according to CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines, including decision support for self-isolation, hospitalization and discharge. Coordinators can send text messages directly, or secure messages though a patient or member portal.

Track and assess symptoms with the Mobile Care Plan

Automate the monitoring and assessment process for symptomatic individuals with a mobile-optimized web app that inputs patient-generated data into the care team workflow. Shifting information capture from the care team to the patients reduces the amount of time spent calling patients for symptom assessments and check-ins.

Learn more about the Mobile Care Plan.

Tailor the Intervention

Adjust the intervention based on clinical or non-clinical factors, including social determinants of health. This helps maximize clinic resources by triaging according to risk, need, or professional clinical assessment.

Evaluate Performance Data or Export It

Track patients though each phase of the COVID-19 intervention, and document resolution of illness, including datapoints needed to confirm recovery. Export data to other HIT systems for additional processing, analysis and reporting.


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COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

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