Prior to my work at Enli, I was the CEO of Providence Medical Group in Oregon. I understand the immense effort and dedication required to operate a clinic under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly added operational complexity and financial strain. Limitations on non-essential procedures dramatically reduced the volume of patients seeking routine or elective care. Now that business has returned to some semblance of normalcy, clinics must take precautions to ensure the safety of staff and patients that are coming on-site to deliver or receive medical treatment.

Clinics – especially primary care and urgent care– are often the first touchpoint for a patient with a suspected COVID-19 diagnosis. In addition, exposed patients that are not showing symptoms could inadvertently bring COVID-19 into a facility. This, and the fact that providers are in proximity with patients, make medical clinics a complex environment for protecting against infection spread. In addition to basic recommendations, like social distancing and sanitation, it is prudent and recommended that patients, staff, and visitors be screened for symptoms prior to entry. If a patient with a suspected COVID-19 diagnosis is exposed to staff, then an increased standard of exposure tracking specifically for healthcare personnel must be conducted by the practice. And finally, patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis need to be monitored and supported by the clinic while the patient self-isolates at home.

Enli has developed a trio of COVID-19 solutions that can help practices navigate the challenges of screening, monitoring, and healthcare personnel exposure tracking. Virtual screening tools, administered through mobile or connected devices, can flag suspected cases based on recommended CDC guidance. Screening can be conducted for patients and clinic staff prior to entering the building. If a patient has a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, our patient monitoring solution, leveraging Enli’s market-leading care coordination technology, provides task and decision support for the care team as they monitor and check up on patients that are self-isolating. If healthcare staff is exposed, our healthcare personnel exposure tracking solution facilitates enhanced monitoring based on the exposure risk category.

In my opinion, the best strategy to combat COVID-19 in the clinic is to employ multiple layers of security, protection, and prevention. Enli can help make that possible.


Explore our COVID-19 Solutions:

  • COVID-19 Health Pass – for school districts, clinics, nursing facilities, and other organizations seeking to virtually screen individuals for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • COVID-19 Patient Monitoring – for provider organizations needing to manage and track COVID-19 cases.
  • COVID-19 HCP Exposure Tracking – for health systems needing to track the exposure of medical staff that are exposed to COVID-19 cases