Over 100,000 COVID-19 Cases Monitored with Enli Value Navigator® platform

Healthcare providers using Enli technology continue to provide exceptional care to COVID-19 patients, with 43,000 currently in active management, and over 100,000 total enrollments since March, 2020.

BEAVERTON, Ore., December 11, 2020 – Enli Health Intelligence announced today that its customers have collectively managed more than 100,000 patients with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Three unique COVID-19 solutions, delivered on Enli’s Best-in-KLAS Value Navigator® platform, are deployed in various settings to remotely monitor population health, whether individuals are in hospital, in clinic, or at school.

Enli delivered one of the nation’s first COVID-19 patient monitoring solutions in early March 2020, powered by Central Worklist, a CRM purpose-built for healthcare workflows requiring medical grade data. CDC guidelines have been codified in the software to inform task and decision support for the care team. Aggregated data shows a steady increase in patient utilization since June, when Enli announced that 18 customers had managed 40,000 individuals using its Patient Monitoring solution.

Two additional solutions have been deployed since that time:

  • Healthcare Personnel Exposure Tracking incorporates CDC guidelines for triaging hospital and clinic workers who have come into contact with COVID patients. One site using Enli’s COVID-19 HCP Exposure Tracking solution identified and managed more than 200 employee exposure incidents.
  • Health Pass is a return-to-work solution developed for employers seeking to screen staff for symptoms prior to coming into the workplace. Integration with the care team workflow means that suspected cases are automatically triaged for possible escalation to the remote patient monitoring program.

Enli’s COVID-19 care management workflows feature a mobile care plan where patients complete daily self-assessments of symptoms and their compliance with employer and healthcare provider’s guidelines. Data entered by the patient automatically populate the Central Worklist CRM, reducing or eliminating the need for telephonic outreach and human intervention.

About Enli

Enli is the market leader in population health IT. We develop software tools for value-based care analytics and care coordination.

Enli has been name Best in KLAS for Population Health Management in 2017, 2018, and 2020.

We are the first population health management company to measure the financial impact of quality improvement in value-based care contracts, and to supply the analytics-driven care coordination tools necessary to exceed contract measures.

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Aydin Kirkewoog, Director of Marketing, Enli Health Intelligence

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