Healthcare providers across North America are facing multiple challenges supporting their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  At Enli we want to support our clients and their patients with technology and tools that reduce the burden on care teams and improve the health of the population.

The US now has the largest number of citizens diagnosed with COVID-19. Most will not meet the criteria for admission to hospital but must be managed virtually at home in isolation under the care of the primary care physician.

Enli has worked with several provider organizations nationally to identify the clinical and administrative challenges associated with coordinating care for COVID-19 populations, and we have constructed a Central Worklist program to support them.  The program is based on current CDC Interim Guidance and WHO guidelines. We are committed to making timely updates throughout the epidemic.

Enli’s COVID-19 care coordination solution (eC3) offers a task-based workflow for providers, for payers, and for public health agencies to record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with Coronavirus. As of this writing, the eC3 solution is live in eight states. We expect it to be deployed in 20 metro areas across 14 US states before the end of the month.

We are offering the eC3 program to all current Enli client organizations at no cost.  We will support our clients regardless of the number of Central Worklist subscriptions currently in use.  We will provide professional services to implement the programs.  And we will supply the reporting package to support real-time performance analytics and reporting to state and federal agencies.

Not only is COVID-19 a threat to the world population, it poses serious risks to healthcare workers responsible for patient care and recovery. We have the dual challenge of keeping the frontline of care delivery healthy, while monitoring the condition of patients while they are at home. This is our contribution to population health, and our continuing commitment to supporting and protecting our healthcare workforce.

Please reach out to me or to your Enli account representative to learn more or to arrange implementation. If you are not an Enli customer today, please reach out to me directly. We will do whatever we can to assist you.