Value Navigator®

Value Navigator is a cloud-based platform that powers value-based care analytics and care coordination, enabling health systems to evaluate the financial implications of population health and make more informed treatment decisions. It automates clinical, administrative, and financial workflows associated with value-based care and payment. The platform enables integrated communications between patient and provider around a shared care plan.

With Value Navigator, executive teams can identify financial risks and opportunities in the population and empower the care team to address them.


Platform Tools

Data Wrangler

Data Wrangler is an interactive tool for cleansing and transforming data into machine-readable code for use by Value Navigator platform tools and components. This enables efficient preparation of disparate data sources using a simple interface, reducing the time, effort, and technical competence traditionally required for the task.

Cohort Builder

Cohort Builder creates groups of patients or members that share common traits for risk analysis, intervention, and health improvement. This simplifies and accelerates the cohort building process, and ensures eligible patients are attributed to the appropriate cohorts.

Campaign Designer

Campaign Designer creates email and text messages for individual or mass communication. This enables rapid design and deployment of automated patient engagement campaigns, reducing manual effort and oversight (coming 2020).

Care Plan Designer

Care Plan Designer enables population health professionals to define care pathways that meet the health and financial objectives of the patient, provider, and payer. It provides a comprehensive view of patient goals, actions, and health status (coming 2020).

Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer creates care pathways for the care team to coordinate actions and care delivery for cohorts. This enables the consistent application of clinical and administrative tasks, reducing variation in care delivery.

Contract Wrestler

Contract Wrestler codifies the terms, conditions, and measures in risk-bearing agreements. This makes contract terms available for systematic analysis to assess enterprise performance.

Performance Reports

Performance Reports generate standard and custom visualizations of key performance indicators at the enterprise, clinic, provider, and patient levels. This gives decision makers the insights needed to analyze care team performance, program efficiency, and the economic impact of interventions.


Enli Applications Built on the Value Navigator Platform

Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence is the first healthcare analytics application to utilize quality performance data to forecast financial outcomes. It enables health systems to identify the clinical and operational levers that have the greatest financial impact.

Value Intelligence

Value Intelligence is an enterprise-grade analytics application for healthcare organizations in transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Utilizing claims, electronic health record, and employer eligibility files, Value Intelligence monitors and forecasts organization performance across the spectrum of payment models.

Central Worklist

Central Worklist is a customer relationship management application purpose-built for care coordination. It applies care management protocols, informs the team of progress towards milestones, and serves as the digital control center for patient engagement campaigns and care team communications.



Healthcare Consulting

Enli provides healthcare consulting services focused on the aggregation of complex disparate data sources for risk stratification and enhanced decision support for the treatment of patients, cohorts and populations, in alignment with value-based care delivery.

Information Technology Consulting

Enli provides IT consulting services for providers engaged in population health management. We have been recognized for our core competence in the field of automating the administrative, financial, and clinical workflows. While of software is turnkey, we provide advisory services to align our clinical, claims, behavioral and socioeconomic logic and decision support technology with the health systems objectives. We provide data mapping, logic customization, data aggregation, and analytics services. We provide consulting support in the development of care plans and communications systems in support of value-based care.

Business Advisory Services

Enli provides business advisory services for health systems needing tailored financial analysis and workflow development to identify and reduce economic risk under value-based contracts. Our consulting supports the development, implementation, and evaluation of patient care plans, including care team collaboration and patient communications.