Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence is the first healthcare analytics application to utilize performance data to forecast financial outcomes in risk-based agreements. It enables health systems to identify the clinical and operational levers that have the greatest financial impact.


Forecast Contract Performance

Contract Forecasting

Forecast performance using clinical, claims, and billing data to measure current and future financial performance under contract rules.

Contract Performance

Real-time summary of current performance on a contract based on clinical and claims data, and contract terms.

Cohort Risk Analysis

Assessment of the clinical health risk of cohorts in active and prospective contracts, and the impact on the bottom line.


Target High-Impact Measures

Hospital Utilization

Real-time tracking of key hospital utilization indicators.

CQM Performance

Continuous tracking of quality targets vs. actual performance highlights areas of risk and opportunity within a population.

Total Cost of Care

Real-time tracking of contract performance against financial targets and population spend.


Increase Reporting Efficiency

Data Management

Non-technical interface for codifying contract parameters, connecting clinical, payer and billing data sources, and setting analytics rules and parameters.

Contract Management

Select different data visualizations from a simplified question-based interface.

Report Building

Automatically update reports in near real-time, and make interactive reports available to stakeholders.