Central Worklist

Central Worklist is a workflow management application purpose built for value-based care coordination. It applies care management protocols, informs the team of progress towards milestones, and serves as the digital control center for patient engagement campaigns and care team communications.


Run Quality & Productivity Programs

Pre-Configured & Custom Programs

Programs for commercial and government payer initiatives, including Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transitional Care Management (TCM), are included in the software. Customer-built programs can support other organizational and quality-based initiative.

Intelligent Tasking

Organize and assign tasks based on employee license, patient volume, and staff resources.

Automated Program Assignment

Automatically import cohorts from Enli applications, or any third party database, and automatically assign them to programs.


Standardize Care Delivery

Program Compliance Tracking

Admin view tracks specific program steps and overall progress, and sends alerts when variations occur.

Care Team Oversight

Oversee the activities and progress of the care team towards care plan objectives.

Activity & Utilization Reporting

Access visual dashboards to monitor workflows and resource utilization, and generate reports for billing.


Facilitate Care Team Collaboration

Intelligent Care Plan

View patient-centric plan-of-care, with current activities, interventions, and program progress is shared with and accessible by the entire care team.

Collaboration Tools

Actions, notations, exceptions, and free-form communications are shared with the care team.

Application & Data Integration with CareManager

Enable the central care team to view a patients complete health record within the Central Worklist task management environmen.