CareManager is a population health management application that identifies care gaps, enables clinical patient outreach, and provides decision support at the point of care. Codified clinical guidelines are applied to EHR data to identify target cohorts. Integrated messaging capabilities support individualized clinical messaging, including a patient friendly care plan, through an existing patient portal.


Assess Population Risk

Disease & Prevention Modules

13 disease and prevention modules with codified clinical logic surface care gaps and rising risk populations.

Risk Assessment Tools (HCC-DX, ASCVD Risk Calculator, PRAPARE)

Commonly used risk assessment protocols (HCC-DX, ASCVD Risk Calculator, PRAPARE, and more) are applied to clinical data and used for risk stratification and cohort building.

Risk Stratification & Cohort Identification

Build cohorts with clinical data filter tools to target populations with priority care gaps or clinical markers.
Close care gaps


Close Care Gaps

Patient-Friendly Care Plan

Individualized patient care plans that communicate health status and recommended actions, based on clinical data and the latest clinical evidence .

Bulk Messaging & Dynamic Templates

Select from editable dynamic templates and send bulk customized secure messages to cohorts, delivered through an existing patient portal.

Point of Care Decision Support

Assess care gaps and clinical risk through an award-winning and patient-friendly visual dashboard, embedded in the EHR or accessible through a webpage.


Measure Clinical Performance

Contract Performance

View performance reports on clinical and process-based payer contract parameters.

Provider Performance

Measure and view reports of provider performance based on their panels clinical data.

Clinic Performance

Access clinical performance by clinic or location of care.