What It Does

Enli CareManager is a Best in KLAS population health management platform that enables provider organizations to pursue population health initiatives and close gaps in care. Codified clinical guidelines are applied to EHR data for risk stratification and cohort identification. Visual dashboards and interactive reports surface care opportunities and clinical performance.

CareManager is proven to reduce variation and gaps in a variety of alternative payment models, including PCMH, CPC+, and MSSP.


Platform Tools

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting evaluates provider and clinic performance relative to clinical process and outcome measures. Using data from the EHR and third party sources, including payer supplied performance measures, managers gain insights into the return on investment of their quality initiates.

Population Risk Stratification

Population Risk stratification identifies priority cohorts using the latest medical evidence to pinpoint key opportunities for intervention. Enli is the only PHM vendor to curate and codify clinical guidelines in the software. This reduces the need for third party apps and clicks.

Filter Builder

Filter Builder segments and fine-tunes patient cohorts. This eliminates manual or third party risk stratification, expediting the creation of patient registries.

Patient Care Plan

Patient Care Plan provides a comprehensive view of patient goals, actions, and health status. Sourced from the CareManager Analytics application, it surfaces care opportunities within a dashboard embedded in the EHR. This improves provider efficiency, effectiveness, and job satisfaction.

Patient Communications

Patient Communication supports HIPAA compliant messaging via the patient portal or printed materials. This increases patient engagement by reinforcing provider instruction with a care plan written in patient-friendly language.


Enli Applications Built on the CareManager Platform

CareManager Point of Care

CareManager Point of Care presents a visual representation of patient health status, rendered within the EHRs native forms. It highlights care gaps based on the latest clinical evidence, and financial risk factors utilizing HCC scores.

CareManager Web Point of Care

CareManager Web Point of Care renders a visual representation of patient health status in a secure webpage, accessible through any health information system.

CareManager Registry

CareManager Registry prioritizes risk groups, aligns resources to population needs, and measures performance at the enterprise, clinic, and provider level. It drives quality improvement through early interventions.