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Enli’s population health management solutions are powered by a combination of the latest clinical science and information technologies, and supported by advisory services that focus on primary care transformation. Together, they form the foundation of what providers need to effectively manage risk, implement scalable programs, and improve population health.


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Knowledge to Action ™ Technology

Enli curates peer-reviewed clinical guidelines, codifies them within our population health management IT platform, and then delivers them to the point of care within existing provider workflows.

Enli's clinical team continuously surveils national guidelines, societal guidelines, position papers and statements, and systematically cross-references our codified body of knowledge with the latest published evidence. Where controversy exists, primary literature is reviewed, and resolution is reached in collaboration with clinician representatives drawn from our customer community. Enli has developed more than 200 distinct algorithms, which have been codified and deployed throughout the Enli technology platform.

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Knowledge to Action ™ Consulting

K2A ™

Enli provides healthcare leaders with expert guidance in the application of evidence-based medical guidelines to support informed and consistent decision-making at the point of care.

The consistent application of medical evidence is vital to team-based care delivery models, and supports broader organizational readiness for value-based reimbursement. As organizations make this transition, they must consider the impact on existing processes, and find balance between provider flexibility and new evidence-based workflows. For providers and organizations seeking guidance in the implementation of medical evidence, K2A provides expert professional consulting to advise decision-making on organizational policies, processes and practices – including the design and deployment of workflows that account for clinical licensure, location of care, and patient engagement.

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Enli enables provider organizations to create custom patient registries by employing a flexible filter builder found within the software.

Registries help providers more effectively identify, stratify, and prioritize gaps in care, as well as gaps in outcomes, across specific at-risk populations. They also serve as a clinical outcome reporting platform, allowing providers to better target their clinical outreach and supporting program enrollment of patients found within particular cohorts.

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Enli population health management solutions interpret evidence-based guidelines and render meaningful, cognitive images of patients on a single screen in a dashboard format.

This occurs inside of the EHR and at the point of care—to optimize workflows and to aid clinical decision support. Intuitive red-yellow-green prompts enable providers to quickly focus on measures that are out of range or out of date, while the software presents care pathways that are based upon the latest evidence. When employed broadly, provider organizations promote the adoption of clinical best practices throughout the system and subsequently reduce unwarranted variation in care delivery amongst the patient population being managed.

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For provider organizations interested to project clinical and financial risk through population insights, Enli offers a cloud-based healthcare data analytics service.

We focus on identifying priority cohorts (i.e. “the mover population”) and predicting the economic value of early intervention. Enli’s analytics engine sits on top of a platform that was purpose-built for analyzing and interpreting healthcare data. The platform co-mingles clinical and financial data sources with socioeconomic and well-being data to predict future risk. Because Enli analytics are delivered through a cloud-based service model, providers are not required to make incremental investments in hardware, software, or staff.

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Enli surfaces the care plan directly in the EHR, which allows providers to engage patients at the point of care where together they can discuss individual objectives and targets, current clinical measures and persistent risk factors, as well as ongoing health improvement opportunities.

By combining evidence-based prompts with the ability to present a shared view of the patient, we ensure the entire care team is working with the same information and toward the same goal. In turn, this enables collaborative teams to provide the best patient care regardless of setting. The patient scorecard serves as an extension of the care plan. It provides an intuitive, engaging tool to distill patient progress against goal(s) and supports targeted conversations related to clinical and non-clinical interventions. The scorecard can be shared with the patient during an encounter, or through a patient portal, via secure messaging, and by printing and mailing.

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Our cloud-based, care team tasking engine consistently applies care management protocols to defined populations, continuously informs the team of progress toward plan objectives, and optimizes program resources.

Enli’s tasking engine is system autonomous, clinical and administrative data can be bi-directionally exchanged with any system of record. Additionally, it offers “intelligent tasking,” automatically identifying and prioritizing the most important task for a specific individual or cohort. Care team members can see their assigned tasks, which ensures that each is practicing at the height of their licensure.

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Enli’s population health management IT platform comes equipped with a series of pre-configured reports and can also support custom report generation.

Reports present data visually and serve the diverse needs of executives, administrators, and clinicians. Data visualizations include a Provider Scorecard, which is a one-page summary of current provider performance against established benchmarks and longitudinal performance trends. It also contains interactive charts that display comparative provider and location performance in order to help identify opportunities for organizational improvement. Reports can be easily exported into third-party applications, including Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, and Tableau.

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Enli Health Intelligence™ provides technical consulting services focused on population health management IT adoption and utilization.

Most often, this includes support automating key administrative, financial, and clinical workflows associated with value-based models of healthcare delivery; configuring software and systems to help assess patient and population health profiles using evidence-based medical guidelines; and aggregating clinical, claims, socioeconomic, and behavioral health data, enabling providers to associate health conditions and health risks with individual patients, cohorts, and populations. Enli Health Intelligence consultants also work with provider organizations to develop the systems and support mechanisms for patients, caregivers, and clinicians to communicate through collaborative care plans.

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