Enabling healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes by identifying populations at risk, creating and monitoring care plans, and measuring the efficacy of their care

Intelligent Care Plan

Enli aggregates data and applies 400+ evidence-based, clinical algorithms to stratify the population according to risk. Patient cohorts are created to meet the clinical and financial objectives of the provider organization. And individual care plans are developed for each patient—ensuring members of the team, including the patient, are working from a common script and toward a better outcome.

Award-Winning PHM Platform

CareManager, Enli’s market-leading population health management IT platform, integrates risk stratification, care coordination, and care delivery capabilities through a common care plan—improving patient care quality, practice efficiency, and accountability.



CareManager Analytics

The right data sources are combined to build a meaningful, actionable cohort

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CareManager Central Worklist

The care team is acting in concert to achieve quality performance measures

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CareManager Point of Care

Outcomes improve with decisions informed by evidence

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Comprehensive Capabilities

Since 2016, KLAS Research has convened executives from healthcare services and software firms—including Enli—provider organizations, and payers in a longitudinal collaborative to help provide definition to the population health industry, including core capabilities, best practices, and outcomes measurement. Now known as the Cornerstone Summit, six key verticals have emerged:

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The compilation of disparate clinical and administrative data sources to support population health


Segmentation of aggregated data to present actionable insights


Scalable care management support for standardized interventions


Analysis of internal and external strategic programs


Patient-centric communication and alignment with health goals and improvement


Actionable workflow integration for clinicians

Enli’s ability to create a comprehensive patient record, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care coordinators, is exceptional.

Enli is unique with evidence-based guidelines curated, codified, and delivered in the software.

Enli has developed a methodology and modeling tool based on actual customer experience the purpose of which is to demonstrate ROI […] It occurs to me that the approach provides healthcare providers with insight into larger strategic decisions.


Informed by Research

Enli products are powered by a combination of the latest clinical science and information technologies, and supported by advisory services that focus on primary care transformation. Together, they form the foundation of what providers need to effectively manage risk, implement scalable programs, and improve population health.

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