CareManager Point of Care

Outcomes improve with decisions informed by evidence

What It Does

CareManager Point of Care presents a visual representation of patient health status, rendered as a dashboard in the EHR, highlighting care gaps and opportunities based on clinical risk factors and the latest guidelines.


Show Care Gaps

Color-Coded Care Gap Display

Priority care opportunities are surfaced in a visual red-green-yellow dashboard, presenting a comprehensive view of patient conditions and services due on a single screen.

Knowledge to Action®

Reduce variations and gaps in care through up-to-date clinical guidelines,
codified into the software, and integrated throughout all clinical workflows.

Condition and Prevention Modules

12 unique modules are combined in a single dashboard,
providing a complete picture of patient health and prioritized care opportunities, reducing the
likelihood of errors or omissions.


Act on the Data

Application Integration

CareManager Point of Care is embedded directly within the native EHR,
reducing clicks and streamlining the clinical workflow.

Data Integration

Updates are reflected within the host system, reducing the need for system
integrators or custom APIs, and ensuring consistent patient data across your connected
technology stack.

Notations and Alerts

Inform the provider care team of updates to the patient profile, including
screenings due and provider-set biometric values, helping reduce commissions and gaps in care.


Engage Patients

Patient-Friendly Display

Visualized clinical data and clear treatment goals allow providers to
use CareManager Point of Care as a patient education and engagement tool in the encounter

Personalized Treatment Plan

Include the patient as a part of the care team through a patient-facing care plan, displaying health status and actions necessary to manage and improve health.