CareManager Central Worklist

The care team is acting in concert to achieve quality performance measures

What It Does

CareManager Worklist applies care management protocols to defined populations, informs the team of progress towards program objectives, and optimizes clinic resources.


Run Quality and Productivity Programs

Pre-Configured and Custom Programs

Rapidly deploy out-of-the-box programs for commercial and governmental payer initiatives, including Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management, as well as customer-built programs supporting other organizational and quality based initiatives.

Intelligent Tasking

Organize and assign tasks based on employee license, patient volume, and staff resources, improving resource allocation and overall productivity.

Automated Program Assignment

Import cohorts from CareManager Analytics, or any third-party database, and automatically assign them to clinical or administrative programs administered by the care team.


Standardize Care Delivery

Program Compliance Tracking

Align the care team with visibility into program steps and overall progress, and send automated alerts when variations occur.

Care Team Oversight

Monitor the activities and progress of the care team as they work towards plan objectives, giving administrators a view into the organizations effectiveness at executing programs.

Activity Reporting

Monitor activity, workflows and resource utilization, and generate billing reports, all from a centralized location.


Support Care Team Collaboration

Common Care

Reduce costs associated with omissions, commissions, and gaps in care by generating a patient-centric care plan for the entire care team, including current activities,
interventions, and program progress.


Inform specified care team members when information is changed or updated in the patient care plan.

Application and Data Integration with CareManager Point of Care

Eliminate the need to log into multiple applications by providing specified care team members with access to a patient’s complete health record, displayed within the Central Worklist task management environment.