Recognized by KLAS Research as the top-rated population health solution
in its 2015 PHM performance report

We're Enli, a Health Intelligence company that is
committed to moving health and care forward.

Better Outcomes for Everyone

By enabling providers and patients to work together, we are helping to create new measures of shared success that build a healthier future for everyone.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement developed a framework that provides an approach for improving health system performance. That approach focuses on three composite measures: Improving the patient experience of care, reducing the per capita cost of care delivery, and improving the health of populations. Known as the “Triple Aim,” this framework serves as a guide post for providers pursuing value-based initiatives and population health management.

A number of industry analysts have worked to define the new competencies that providers will be required to develop and refine in order to effectively manage the health of populations. These include data aggregation, analytics, care management, and patient engagement. They have also highlighted the fundamental role to be played by primary care, and discussed the importance of care teams and integrated plans of patient care.

Health Intelligence Solutions

Enli Health Intelligence is a population health technology company that enables care teams to perform to their full potential by integrating healthcare data with evidenced-based guidelines embedded in provider workflows across the population and at the point of care.


Enli risk stratification solutions enable provider organizations to pursue payment incentives and value-based programs. By identifying both non-clinical and clinical determinants of risk, prioritizing risk groups, and aligning cohorts with best practice care plans, Enli risk stratification drives early interventions within the patient population.


Enli value-based programs help provider organizations coordinate the care of high risk patients. By consistently applying care management protocols to defined populations, continuously informing the care team of progress toward plan objectives, and optimizing program resources, Enli programs standardize best practices, improve administrative and clinical efficiency, and increase practice revenue. White Paper: Providing and Billing Medicare for Chronic Care Management.


Enli care delivery solutions have been intentionally developed for high-functioning primary care and clinically integrated networks. They streamline care delivery by identifying hidden risks and care opportunities, reducing unwarranted variation in care, and delivering a highly individualized patient experience. Video: IDC Marketscape, 2014 Vendor Assessment

“CareManager is the only population health management solution capable of bi-directional integration with multiple EHRs.”

Cynthia Burghard
Research Director
Accountable Care Organizations
IDC Health Insights


Physician Practices
Healthcare Systems
Accountable Care Organizations
Health Plans

How Enli is Different

Enli’s population health management platform was conceived by providers for providers, and has been co-developed by more than 20 leading health systems. Within the market, it is unique.

Knowledge to Action™

Curated and codified evidence-based guidelines and programs, delivered to the point of care within 90 days of release.

Bi-Directional EHR Integration

Seamless integration with the EHR, regardless of system of record.

A Market Leader

Recognized by industry analysts, including KLAS, IDC Health Insights, and Frost & Sullivan, as a top-rated population health management solution.

Outcomes & Proven Results

Trusted by leading healthcare providers, including large integrated delivery systems, ambulatory clinics, and progressive physician practices, our solutions are supported by more than seven years of peer-reviewed, proven results.

Case Study: Academic Health Center


This health system operates a teaching hospital, a Level 1 trauma center, and has more than 100 clinics with 1,100 providers covering every medical specailty.


Enli population health management solutions were originally deployed in 2010 to 50 physicians and 150 medical residents serving high-risk populations. Approximately 85,000 patient lives are now managed on the Enli platform. Significant improvements in clinical outcomes include:

increase in patients
with A1C < 7%
increase in patients
with LDL < 100mg/dL
increase in the
number of A1C
values that are
increase in diabetic
foot exams
increase in
retinal exams
increase in Pvax


Peer reviewed, published results demonstrating continuous improvement in care delivery
Evidence-based guidelines are curated by 20+ healthcare organizations
The number of physicians using the Enli platform with their care teams
Every day, the number of informed provider-patient interactions
The number of patients under the care of providers using the Enli platform

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